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Harry Styles Only Spent $300 To Make A New ‘Daylight’ Video With James Corden

Over the years, Harry Styles has been a regular presence on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, so it’s only fitting that he pops up at least one more time before Corden leaves the program next year. Styles dropped by the show last night for a segment in which he and Corden shot a video for Harry’s House highlight “Daylight” on strict budget and time constraints.

In the introduction of the segment, Corden explained the situation: He and Styles had three hours and $300 (not factoring in the cost of the Late Late Show camera crew following them around and the editors who cut the final video together, it would seem) to make a video in Brooklyn. They didn’t have any locations or ideas set up beforehand. First, they tried to get into somebody’s home to film, which was surprisingly a challenge for those two famous faces: The first person they tried asking was heading out the door, while the second just flat-out refused.

They eventually found four women (one of whom happened to have a bunch of Styles- and One Direction-emblazoned items in their room) who offered their shared home for the cause. Throughout production, Styles offered some disparaging quips, like, “I was in a Christopher Nolan movie,” and, “Should we just scrap it and just do, like, just a ‘Carpool Karaoke?’” Despite that, though, Corden, Styles, and the folks who they recruited to help actually pulled through with a totally passable and fun music video.

Watch the “Daylight” video and the making-of segment above.