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Jax Goes Off The Grid In The California Desert For A Three-Song Performance

You’ve probably seen Jax on TikTok, given that her videos routinely rack up millions of views apiece and have earned over 143 million likes in total. Much like Petey, she also his a discography of killer music to complement her social media stardom. Her biggest hit, last year’s emotive and soul-bearing ballad “Like My Father,” has nearly 40 million streams on Spotify. Now, she finds herself separated from the rest of the world for a remote performance of some of her other highlights.

For Uproxx and T-Mobile’s “Way Way Out Live” series, Jax headed to California’s Split Mountain (more specifically, 33°02’19.0″N 116°05’47.5″W) for renditions of “U Love U,” “Ring Pop,” and “Boys Who Like Boys.” The setup was kept minimal, with just a keyboard, speakers, and an accompanying guitarist. While Jax’ public life necessitates her to be very much on the grid, she sounds just fine off of it, too, as her voice had room to breathe out in the California desert.

Elsewhere in the video, she notes of her relationship with technology, “Over the course of the last few years, I’ve started to look at my phone like it was a stage. Every time I have a thought, I’m like, ‘Whatever. Let’s just put it out in the world and not let it go to waste.’ I think the coolest part about the era that we live in now is that people are craving authenticity, so I really, really want to be 100 percent authentic.”

Check out Jax’s performances in the video above.

Jax is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.