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Joe Rogan Took A Surprisingly Sympathetic Stance On Amber Heard After The Johnny Depp Verdict

Joe Rogan, like everyone else in the semi-civilized world, was enthralled enough with the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard U.S.-based trial to be super interested in the verdict. The circus, which aired on Court TV for the masses, went Johnny’s way, unlike the U.K-based libel trial against The Sun, which led to a ruling that tabloid’s “wife beater” term about him was “substantially true.” Yet the U.S. jury found that Amber had defamed Johnny to the tune of $15 million. Yes, he’s on the hook for two of those millions, but still, it’s hard to imagine how she’ll pay (and Amber agrees) those damages.

Amber’s side has motioned towards an appeal, and she issued a statement of feeling “heartbroken” by the verdict. Via Mediaite, Joe Rogan’s feeling sorry for her, and although he believes that she’s “crazy,” he’d hate to see her pay those damages. It’s a sympathetic stance that feels unexpected:

“She’s so crazy. I feel like, look, I don’t want her to have to pay him money. I really don’t,” Rogan said matter-of-factly. “Cause I think that that lady’s broken and psychologically she’s so damaged.”

“She’s so crazy,” he continued, “I think the real punishment is that it’s been exposed to the world, how insane she is! Like she’s insane and she’s a liar and it’s like that lady needs to go to the jungle and do some ayahuasca and get connected to the mother and then come back and apologize.”

Again, it’s hard to imagine what Amber will do to settle up here. Johnny will likely see some sort of career resurrection following the verdict (he certainly has some celebrity support behind him), but Amber’s future roles could be in jeopardy. And yep, Court TV is the true winner out of this whole mess.

(Via Mediaite)