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Kevin Hart Plays A Really Bad Criminal Alongside Professional Criminal Woody Harrelson In ‘The Man From Toronto’ Trailer

There are a few movie tropes that work well when it comes to a comedy/crime thriller: there’s the lone soldier who teams up with a comic relief sidekick, the case of mistaken identity which brings normal people into the crime world, or just the general intimidating group of beautiful people who commit crimes, but in a “they had it coming!” type of way. The Man From Toronto has all of these tropes, and more!

Woody Harrelson stars as the titular Man From Toronto, a violent assassin who is sent on a deadly mission. But, due to a string of mishaps, Kevin Hart is mistaken for the killer and has to pretend to be the killer after meeting the real man from Toronto. Chaos ensues!

As per the official description: “A case of mistaken identity arises after a screw-up sales consultant and the world’s deadliest assassin—known only as The Man from Toronto— run into each other at a holiday rental.” Oh boy, does this one sound like a doozy! But Harrelson isn’t one to phone in his performances, so it might actually be good.

The film also stars The Flight Attendant‘s Kaley Cuoco, Jasmine Matthews, Lela Loren, Pierson Fode, and Ellen Barkin. The Man From Toronto is the latest story from Jason Blumenthal (not to be confused with Jason Blum) directed by Patrick Hughes. It drops on June 22nd on Netflix. Check out the trailer above.