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King Princess Points Out The Problems Of Grouping Queer Artists Together On Streaming Playlists

King Princess has always been open about being queer and has never hesitated to bring that into her music. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the rising pop star pointed out the problematic aspect of apps like Spotify grouping together LGBTQIA+ folk in playlists, even if their music is not similar.

“White Male Pop, as a playlist. Could you imagine?” she said. “It would essentially be the same thing, to do that. ‘Look at all these people grouped together. Oh my god, aren’t they amazing? Here’s their playlist!’”

She stated that being queer in the music industry is “still not the norm.” She added: “We’re still the minority. We’ve got to unify. That’s my biggest thing — the unification of queer people. We’ve got each other.”

She has also just revealed new information about her next album, Hold On Baby. She wrote on social media: “I’m not sure I like myself, but I’m figuring it out. Hold On Baby is a search for a new heartbreak. It’s a love letter to my girlfriend. It’s a firm read of myself. And it’s a reminder of the totems in my life that give me hope; my dog who is my fiercest companion and the owl that represents my grandparents.”