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Of Course Ted Cruz Bragged About Figuring Out A Way To Bill His Clients For His Time When He Went To The Bathroom While He Was A Lawyer

Ted Cruz just revealed more about his bathroom habits than literally, anyone on the face of this Earth would want to know.

The Texas Republican — who’s been busy recently attending NRA conventions and posting clips on Twitter of his “ridiculously fun” charity poker matches as the funerals for the 19 children gunned down in the Uvalde Elementary School massacre were set to begin — recently made time to record an episode of his show, Verdict with Ted Cruz. During the broadcast, Cruz harped on about the acquittal of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, skewering the guy for billing the 2016 Presidential nominee for time spent cooperating with the FBI during their investigation. Now, Cruz’s obsession with Hillary Clinton isn’t really headline-worthy at this point but what might be is the antidote Cruz told about his own legal operation.

Cruz told co-host, Michael Knowles, that back when he was a practicing attorney, he also squeezed his clients for their hard-earned money, even going so far as to bill them for his trips to the bathroom.

“When I was practicing law,” Cruz said, “I would literally take a legal brief or a case with me when I went to the restroom ’cause I’d stand at the urinal and be reading ’cause I wanted to bill for the time.”

Cruz also laughed about the fact that plenty of other lawyers were in the urinals next to him doing the same thing because “none of us wanted to miss billing the time.” And look, we’re all for getting paid for the work you do but for someone who was outraged when everyone got stimulus checks during the pandemic, it’s pretty rich that Cruz thinks he should get paid for doing nothing while on the clock.