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Bobby Shmurda Takes Aim At Mass Shooters Who Target Schools: ‘It’s F*cking Kids!’

Bobby Shmurda is still finding his footing in the music industry after his release from prison last year. This process has resulted in him parting ways with his longtime label Epic Records and moving forward as an independent act. So far, Bobby has released two singles as an independent rapper, but he’s also used the past year to speak out about things that he’s deemed important. He shared his support for New York’s Rap On Trial bill, voiced his displeasure with not having control over his music, and more. In his latest message, Bobby addressed school shootings and what he feels needs to be done.

“We pay all this motherf*cking tax money,” Bobby said to TMZ which approached him as he was hanging out with Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast co-host Wallo267. “You know what my motherf*cking tax bill was last year?” He continued by suggesting that schools should increase their security. Next, Bobby took aim at mass shooters who target these schools.

“Let me tell you why they ain’t come to my block and shoot sh*t up or why they don’t go into the precinct and shoot sh*t up, cause they gonna shoot right back at your motherf*cking ass,” Bobby said. “It’s kids! It’s f*cking kids! Kids! Shoot at my black ass n****. Come shoot at me watch what happen.”

Bobby’s message comes a little over a week after the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas which left 19 children and two adults dead.

You can watch Bobby’s interaction with TMZ here.