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Dominic Fike Took A Bunch Of Mushrooms And Blew A First-Season ‘Euphoria’ Audition

Dominic Fike has become a breakout star lately thanks to a major role in the second season of Euphoria. It turns out he actually nearly appeared on the show’s debut season, but he went a bit too method for his audition and blew it.

That anecdote kicks off a new GQ profile on Fike, which reveals that after making it through multiple rounds of callbacks, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson had Fike do a “final chemistry read” with Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat Hernandez on the show. Since the show is very much about people being on drugs, Fike decided to take some mushrooms before going to his audition. That decision did not pay off.

“I started peaking right when me and Barbie were reading,” Fike noted with a laugh.

Hallucinations ended up getting the better of Fike, as the letters on his script were dancing on the page and Levinson was seemingly wearing a dress.

Fike remembers, “I looked at him and I was like, ‘Are you wearing a dress right now?’ It was crazy. I started making fun of everybody in the room.” He then described the call he got from his agents later on: “They were like, ‘What. The. F*ck?’”

Clearly, Fike left some sort of positive impression, though, as he eventually landed the show-stealing role of Elliot the next season.

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