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Jimmy Kimmel Busted Don Jr. Selling MAGA Junk That Was Made In China, Nicaragua, And El Salvador On His Online Store

Is hypocrisy an inherited trait? If one were to use the Trump family as the basis for a case study, it would certainly seem so. While Papa Trump is busy promising to Make America Great Again, he has long relied on foreign workers to make his businesses run, while factory workers in Ivanka Trump’s now-shuttered clothing company regularly complained about abusive work conditions and “poverty pay.” Now, Jimmy Kimmel is calling out self-proclaimed patriot Donald Trump Jr. for employing the same practices.

On Thursday night, while discussing the general hypocrisy of the Republican party—and how no one even seems to realize it or care—Kimmel took aim specifically at the former president’s perpetually amped-up adult son:

Donald Trump Jr., he’s always talking about China. Very anti-China. ‘My father was tough on China.’ ‘Hunter Biden’s in bed with China.’ Well, I happened to be scrolling through his website, because this is what I do. He’s got an online store with, really, some wonderful products like [a] ‘F**k Joe Biden’ hat that is ‘designed and embroidered in the USA. Ok, well, it may have been embroidered in the USA, but we ordered one of the hats. Boy, you’re not going to believe this: it was actually made in China. You won’t find that on his website though.

Other items Kimmel procured included a “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt that had been thoughtfully made in Nicaragua. And as for a Let’s Get Biden To Quit tee, presented in the colors of the rainbow flag, just in time for Pride Month? That came from El Salvador.

“And why doesn’t he have the shirt made here?,” Kimmel wondered—already knowing the answer. “Because they cost about 30 percent more to have them made here.” (For the record: Kimmel also showed off the tags of his own T-shirts promoting The Jimmy Kimmel Show and, lo and behold, they actually are made in America.)

You can watch the full segment, beginning around the 4:30 mark.