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Kendrick Perkins Calls Draymond Green A Liar For Saying The Warriors Would Be Fine After Game 1

The Boston Celtics stole homecourt advantage away from the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals. Thanks to a sensational team performance in the fourth quarter, Boston picked up a 120-108 win at Chase Center on Thursday night and find themselves three wins away from lifting the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Despite the loss, Draymond Green struck an optimistic tone in his postgame press conference, expressing his belief that the Warriors will end up being “fine” as the series goes on. This, unsurprisingly, drew the ire of noted guy who isn’t an especially big Draymond fan, Kendrick Perkins, who appeared on NBC Sports Boston after the game and said Green was lying.

“That was a whole lot of lying for the simple fact that, oh, ‘we’ll be fine,’ no you won’t!” Perkins said. “No you won’t. Listen, Payton Pritchard played eight minutes in that fourth quarter, meaningful minutes. Jaylen Brown did his thing. The bench came in and gave a huge lift. The Warriors scored 16 points in the fourth quarter. Sixteen! That ain’t just happen because they were missing shots — no, the Celtics were getting to them, they couldn’t get the ball off, they couldn’t get they shot off.”

After some prodding by Brian Scalabrine and Eddie House, Perkins went on to say that the Celtics “were on their ass like diapers on a baby.” Perkins, of course, won a ring with Boston in 2008, and in recent weeks, a bit of a feud has popped up between himself and Green. He continued his bit on Friday morning when he appeared on First Take dressed like an inmate as a way to say the Celtics put the “handcuffs” on the Warriors in the fourth quarter.

We’ll see if Golden State will be fine or if Perkins is right that they have some serious problems they need to deal with when Game 2 tips off on Sunday.