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Kendrick Perkins Wore A Costume On ‘First Take’ To Say The Celtics Had The Warriors In ‘Handcuffs’

Kendrick Perkins had a good time celebrating the Boston Celtics’ comeback in Game 1 of the NBA Finals to knock off the Golden State Warriors. In the immediate aftermath of the game, Perkins went on television in Boston and called Draymond Green a liar for saying he believes the Warriors will be fine despite the circumstances of their 120-108 home defeat in which they were run off the court in the fourth quarter.

Then, Perkins presumably went to bed and woke up on Friday morning with the idea to really lean into a bit on First Take. Perkins went onto the show while dressed in a costume and holding a set of handcuffs to get a point across about how hard thing were for Golden State over the game’s final 12 minutes.

“I’m telling you: Look, they reopened Alcatraz because they had to buy room to put the Golden State Warriors in a place where they wouldn’t be bothered,” Perkins said. “Because you know what happened last night? BAM. They got the handcuffs put on ‘em in the fourth quarter. Sixteen points in the fourth quarter. Molly, you don’t even have to tee me up, I’m ready already. Listen, this is what happened: People got to talking about the Golden State Warriors and how much experience they had and all this, and I said, ‘Listen, the Celtics are going to win Game 1.’”

Perkins went on to use the “offense wins games, defense wins championships” line that always pops up this time of year. Stephen A. Smith, meanwhile, said that having to look at this costume at 10 a.m. “threw me off.”