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Kevin Hart And Dan Levy Are Teaming Up For A Show About A Sneaker Salesman

Kevin Hart is a busy man! The comedian will star alongside Woody Harrelson in the upcoming comedy/thriller The Man From Toronto, plus he spends many hours a day defending Dave Chappelle from cancel culture. Now, he has his own sitcom in the works!

Hart is developing a half-hour comedy with comedian Dan Levy (not that one) who will be the writer and showrunner for the show, which will head to Peacock. The series, called True To Size, will take inspiration from his own life, which Hart loves to do, and take place in a sneaker store in 1998, with a group of twenty-somethings trying to find their place in the world. We’ve all been there! Here are the official details:

Before Kevin Hart was the biggest comedian in the world, before his movies grossed over a billion dollars, and before he was a mogul, he was a lost 20-year-old in Philly working at a sneaker shop in a 90s mall — a job he didn’t really want and only took to make his mom happy and keep him out of trouble. However this job would eventually change his life forever when the store manager convinces him to try stand up at an open mic.

Philly in the 90s?! That sounds promising! Very few details about the series have been announced, but maybe Woody Harrelson will stop by for a cameo of him buying some cowboy boots.