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Rudy Giuliani Has Apparently Hired The Notorious ‘Manhattan Madam’ To Be His New PR Person, Because Of Course He Has

When we last checked on who’s running communications for Rudy Giuliani, he was working with Todd Shapiro, a man best known for representing Lindsay Lohan’s family and several Hooters restaurants in New Jersey and Long Island. Shapiro, who had replaced 20-something Instagram influencer Christianne Allen, is apparently out of the picture because Giuliani’s latest PR guru is, well, let’s just say a logical next step.

According to a post on her Instagram page, Giuliani is now being represented by Kristin Davis, the “Manhattan Madam” who infamously ran a high-end prostitution ring in the 2000s. Remember when Elliot Spitzer got caught in 2008? That was Davis’ service he used to hire Ashley Dupre. And if you’re wondering why we didn’t say “former” Manhattan Madam, that’s because Davis is still using the name for her Instagram handle as you can see below:

Of course, like all things Giuliani, Davis naturally has some interesting ties to the MAGA world on top of, again, being a well-known high-end madam. Via Mediaite:

Davis also has a strange connection to Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation. Davis was contacted by investigators before they searched the duplex home of Donald Trump ally Roger Stone. Davis had also lived at the duplex, but had moved out a week earlier. She ended up testifying before a grand jury as part of the investigation, the Washington Post reported.

For Davis’ first assignment, maybe she can talk Rudy out of screaming at people at parades. That seems like something you don’t want your client doing. Also, maybe keep him away from hidden camera situations. You’re gonna really want to avoid those.

(Via Mediaite)