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Russ Says Record Labels Will Become ‘Obsolete’ And Artists Don’t Need Them

There has been a lot of discussion about major labels in the wake of the Halsey controversy, in which they claimed that their label wouldn’t let them release a song until they had a viral TikTok moment first. In a recent interview with TMZ Live, rapper Russ, who never hesitates to share his beliefs, has weighed in with his opinion on major labels.

“I do think at some point [major labels] will become obsolete, just because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. You don’t need them; they’re not doing anything for you that you can’t do for yourself,” he said. “I just think that some artists are not very business-minded and they kinda just want to be the artist, so that’s why they go the label approach so that they have a team that does everything for them.”

He added: “But you can get a team to do everything for you and still just be the artist without the label. Artists in today’s day and age, they’re their own digital marketing. I think digital marketing is one of the biggest facades in the music industry. You get with the label and they’re like, ‘Here’s your digital team.’ And it’s like, ‘What do y’all do exactly?’”

Watch the interview below.