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Seth Green Says He’s Working With ‘@DarkWing84’ To Catch Whoever Stole His Ape NFT, So We May Be Subjected To His Awful NFT Show After All

Seth Green has been having a really tough time after losing his ape, Fred. The ape is not a real animal, to be clear (that’s Alan Cumming’s problem). It is his NFT who is supposed to star in Green’s upcoming (and horrendous looking) comedy series White Horse Tavern, but the show was put on hold because someone stole the NFT. Are you following? Well, get ready because there is a new development.

After Buzzfeed reached out to the person who is in possession of Green’s Bored Ape, the two seemed to have gotten in touch with each other. As it turns out, DarkWing84 purchased the NFT from hackers for nearly $200K. Now, Green and Mr. DarkWing are working together to find the original hacker who stole dear old Fred.

Green posted a triumphant tweet and confirmed he and DarkWing have been in contact. “Good news frens, @DarkWing84 & I connected- working together to prosecute the original thieves & hopefully make this space safer. Huge thanks to @BoredApeYC community for maintaining the collaborative spirit of the project. Can’t wait to see you at #WhiteHorseTavern

White Horse Tavern, of course, is the television show starring Green’s Bored Ape as a bartender, among real, live-action humans. Now that Green is on his way to getting the show back on track, it might actually happen. Now that’s dark. Even though Green might get his friend back, many, many, other NFT holders are losing money, and now they are tweeting at Green for help. Maybe that could make for an interesting show!