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Steve Bannon Has Come Up With Yet Another Mind-Numbingly Stupid Excuse For The Texas Mass Shooting: Poor Border Security

If you woke up this morning thinking, “Gee, I wonder how long it will take for me to hear yet another imbecilic theory from some Republican about why the recent mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas happened that has nothing to do with guns?,” well, your wait is over.

The latest excuse for America’s gun problem that doesn’t involve guns comes courtesy of Steve Bannon, who Mediaite reports is blaming…”open borders.”

Bannon was chatting up famously nutty right-wing commentator Gina Loudon on his podcast this week, when the two entered into an inane back and forth about the tragic events in Uvalde. “We have to get a timeline, a timeline down to the second of what happened here,” Bannon insisted. “Because this does not make sense, there are so many loose ends.”

What made even less sense was Bannon then insisting that “We have got to find out more about this gunman. This is going to be tied to the open borders, you watch.” Given that it was Bannon’s show, his guest was obviously in agreement—and even managed to take the argument one frightfully ignorant step further. “Everyone wants to take the pressure off guns and put it on mental health, I totally get that,” Loudon said. “But as someone who spent better than a decade of her life studying mental health, you do not want the Joe Biden Department of Mental Health and Gun Safety to be formed… That is the most dangerous thought ever.”

More dangerous than, say, a clearly unstable teenager buying himself two AR-15 rifles, then using them to kill 19 schoolchildren and two teachers? If you’re asking Loudon, the answer seems to be “absolutely.”

Loudon went on to state that the shooting in Uvalde had nothing to do with mental health, and everything to do with illegal immigration. “If our wall had been built and if we had the rule of law enforced, this shooting would never have happened and these children and adults would be alive today,” she claimed. Except that Salvador Ramos, the suspected gunman, was a U.S. citizen who was born in North Dakota. So we’re not exactly sure how she managed that leap of logic.

(Via Mediaite)