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Syd Opens Up About Writing Songs During A Breakup: ‘That Anger Was Still In There’

Syd recently released her sophomore album Broken Hearts Club, whose title off the bat hints at the headspace she was in while working on the record. The artist told Uproxx that the main difference between this LP and her debut was the increased sense of vulnerability, which a listener can notice immediately in the songs. She explained more about that in a new interview with Rolling Stone, discussing how she approached songwriting after going through a breakup.

“There’s one song in particular on the album that I wrote while I was really still in it,” she said. “I wrote it, like, sobbing, probably. But everything else… I actually took a few months off to heal from the heartbreak before I started writing anything, because the first few songs that I wrote sounded really bitter because that anger was still in there so I had to lift some weights. Get that out and revisit it. Once I revisited it, I honestly started off trying not to write songs about it. And so I wrote a lot of random stuff. A lot of practice songs. And I let what come out come out. I think that’s the best way to do it — keep it organic.”

Check out the full Rolling Stone interview here.