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Sydney Sweeney Loves That ‘Euphoria’ Fans Can’t Make Themselves Hate Cassie

Sydney Sweeney is not slowing down anytime soon. The actress has two hit shows under her belt, Euphoria and White Lotus, along with a number of upcoming projects, and of course, her cool car that she happened to build herself.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress went in-depth about her character Cassie, and the fan response. When asked about the impact her Euphoria character has, she said she connected to how emotionally-charged Cassie can be. Sweeney said:

I see it in the way people talk about Cassie. They often want to hate her [laughs] because of the kind of person she is, but they find themselves unable to. It’s amazing to me that I’m able to take a character who has made so many terrible decisions and make people feel for her and understand those decisions. When I first started playing her, I connected to how she makes decisions very drastically and from the heart.

Despite Cassie’s poor choices and overall dramatics, she is still a character that fans can sympathize with, probably because everybody makes mistakes! Even high schoolers dressed like they are auditioning for Oklahoma.

Even though Cassie gets a lot of sympathy from fans and Sweeney, the actress is able to separate her character from herself. “I have found a very healthy separation, so the moment Sam [Levinson] calls ‘cut,’ I can go home and be happy and hang with my dog.” You must have to be good at compartmentalizing when your family is seeing you naked on screen all the time.