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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Door-Obsessed, Fake-Intruder Plan To Stop School Shootings Is Being Mercilessly Torched

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott rarely has a dull moment these days, and that’s not a good thing in this situation. Although his state avoided another ice-storm debacle this year, Abbott still kept the hits coming with a defense of his state’s insane new abortion law (which he said doesn’t need a rape exception because he will handily round up all the rapists). Now, he’s reacting to the Uvalde mass school shooting (in which a lone gunman killed 19 children with an AR-15 style rifle purchased on his 18th birthday, when you can’t buy alcohol or rent a car at that age) with what he feels are hard-hitting new laws.

Not quite, though. Abbott tweeted out a letter that outlined his plan, and it sure looks like the onus for preventing shooting is on the schools. In other words, he’s not here for restricting how easy it is to purchase semi-automatic weapons. Instead, one should expect an increased GOP obsession with doors:

I’m directing the Texas Education Agency to ensure schools are held to heightened safety standards following the tragedy in Uvalde.

I requested TEA to:
– Identify actions to make campuses more secure
– Conduct weekly inspections of doors
– Increase presence of trained officers

It also sounds like there will be fake intruders coming to schools, via the Texas Tribune, which detailed Abbott’s directive for “in-person, unannounced, random intruder detection audits on school districts.”

What could go wrong? That’s the sentiment coming from Twitter, which wondered whether these unannounced fake-intruders would end up in the crossfire, and all of this will only cause further trauma to already on-edge kids.

Well, at least it’s summer vacation, so this won’t happen for a few months, but yikes.

(Via Texas Tribune)