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Paddington Has Tea (And Talks Marmalade Sandwiches) With Queen Elizabeth II In A New Video For Jubilee

Paddington is arguably more popular now than he’s ever been. The marmalade-loving, raincoat-wearing bear who relocates from Peru to England is now a movie star, battling the leads in The Undoing and, in the case of the sequel, getting a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. Until we know who he (gently, politely) fights in the third installment, he’s taking a break to have some afternoon tea with the Queen.

On Saturday, to celebrate Elizabeth II’s platinum Jubilee, a video was released showing Her Majesty sitting down with the CGI bear voiced by Ben Whishaw. Naturally Paddington makes a faux pas: He starts gulping from the teapot before his host has had a sip. He gets back on track by talking marmalade sandwiches, prompting the Queen to open her handbag, revealing where she stores her own backup food. Paddington also accidentally sprays an éclair onto a palace footman.

The Jubilee honors the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s coronation, which even brought back Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who decamped for the United States amidst accusations of racism among the Royal Family. Their return sparked boos from some in the crowd on Friday. But for now, let’s take a brief respite with a nice bear talking tea and fruit preserves.

(Via Deadline)