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‘Manifest’s Supersized Final Season Revealed A (Very) Tentative Release Plan Along With A Cryptic ‘828’ Teaser

Does NBC yet regret cancelling Manifest? We may never receive a definitive answer to that question, but it’s enough (for fans) to know that the fourth season is coming, and it will be a supersized one that promises to wrap up all the mysteries of why Flight 828 went off the grid, only to surface five years later, after everyone on Earth had gone back to their business, leaving plenty of drama and fractured relationships to clean up when the unexpected happened.

This, of course, is happening after the show barreled up Netflix’s charts, which left the streamer with no logical choice but to pick up the show and continue. The precise details on release have been slow to arrive, but creator Jeff Rake previously revealed that the wrap-up had a target month of November, and it was understood that the final season would arrive in at least two parts. Now, we’ve received a cryptic teaser ^^, which doesn’t tell us too much in the definitive sense, other than how Michaela choses to wear inappropriate footwear to sneak around a shipyard.

One actual clue? A bloody arm with maybe “Stone 828” (?) scratched into the skin. Given that Michaela’s last name is Stone, and that also goes for Ben and his fam, it sure sounds like the teaser’s trying to tell us something. Predestination? There’s no telling with this show. Meanwhile, Variety has the total number of episodes coming:

“Manifest” Season 4 will consist of 20 episodes, and will be split into two volumes. The premiere date for the volumes has yet to be announced. Watch the first-look clip below.

All well and good, but honestly, I just want Olive to be happy. Can we get that in the finale? Obviously, the characters will receive a billion callings, but we need something better for Olive than feeling like the un-chosen one and getting sucked into cults.

In summation, the fourth season of Manifest is coming!

(Via Variety)