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Kyle Rittenhouse Seems Confused About Where He Goes To School, Or If He Goes To School At All

On May 9, acquitted murderer Kyle Rittenhouse posted a tweet that, given his deep and abiding love of guns, sounded only vaguely threatening to the students and faculty of Texas A&M University:

Last week, per NBC News, Rittenhouse gave further context to the photos. While appearing on The Charlie Kirk Show, he slapped an Aggies hat on his head and announced that he was going to be attending Texas A&M and, like a true scholar, announced that “it’s going to be awesome.” There was just one problem: Texas A&M disputed the claim. “He has not been admitted as a student this summer or fall,” Kelly Brown, a university spokesperson, told the press.

Rather than admit an outright lie, Rittenhouse took a woe-is-me approach and explained that he had been “robbed” of the end of his high school career — though he failed to elaborate that it was because he had “robbed” two men of their lives. The teen did say that instead he would be attending Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, which he described as “a feeder school for Texas A&M.”

As Raw Story reports, a spokesperson for Blinn did confirm that Rittenhouse has applied, but he has yet to enroll in any courses for the current or upcoming term. Blinn is an open enrollment college, meaning that any student who wants to attend can — they just need to enroll in their desired classes. Which makes Rittenhouse’s claim that “I’m excited to join Texas A&M in 2023!” seem a bit premature.

In the meantime, Rittenhouse is doubling down on his claims that by virtue of being the kid who fatally shooting two men and injured a third amidst police protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, living a normal life has been hard for him. On Monday night, as Mediaite reports, Rittenhouse spoke with Tucker Carlson about how he plans to “make the media pay for what they did to me. They made it hard for me to live a normal life. I can’t go out in public. I can’t go to the store. It’s hard for me to go anywhere without security. Doing basic things like taking my dog to the dog park is difficult. So, they made it really difficult to be normal. And they affected future job opportunities… I don’t think I will ever be able to work or get a job because I’m afraid an employer may not hire me.”

Perhaps Rittenhouse should place a call to Matt Gaetz, who was very vocal about his intentions to snatch the teen up as an intern. Or Paul Gosar, who challenged Gaetz to an arm-wrestling match for the pleasure of hiring Rittenhouse. Lauren Boebert wanted in on Kylemania as well, and claimed that Madison Cawthorn did, too — so joked (?) that they would settle the matter with a sprint.

(Via Raw Story)