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Seth Meyers Called Out Lying Ted Cruz For Blaming Texas’s Rising Energy Costs On Biden And The Green New Deal

Seth Meyers has had enough of Ted Cruz’s BS. Not that he’d expect any less from the Texas senator, mind you. But on Monday night, Meyers tore into Cruz for attempting to stir up drama where there absolutely is none.

While the lamenting how “the endless bad faith and lying from the Republican party just keeps getting more exhausting,” Meyers cited Cruz specifically, explaining how:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently tried to blame the Biden administration for rising electricity prices in his state, tweeting: ‘The impact of President Biden being beholden to the Green New Deal radicals in his party has electricity costs through the roof in Texas.’

Two things: First of all, Texas has its own power grid where electricity is generated and used only within state lines. So Texas’ electric grid is separate from the rest of the country—you know, the way [Cruz] becomes separate from the rest of [the] country every time there’s a crisis in [his] state.

While it’s entirely plausible that Cruz is so out-of-touch with his own state that he wasn’t aware of that whole power grid thing, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. So Meyers is leaning heavily toward Ted Cruz: Liar—in large part because of the second point he wanted to make, which is that “Democrats, much to the dismay of progressives and anyone who doesn’t want the planet to turn into a climate changed-induced apocalypse, have NOT passed the Green New Deal. This is yet another reminder that the Democrats should do more stuff because whether they do or not, Republicans are going to attack them for it. They don’t care if it’s true. Ted Cruz is going to b*tch about how Biden outlawed red meat and took his guns away while he flips with the butt end of his AR-15.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 0:25 mark.