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Trevor Noah Is Shocked That New York Enacted Stronger Gun Laws After The Texas School Shooting: ‘It’s Like I Showed Up To McDonald’s And The McFlurry Machine Is Working’

Following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the state of New York went to work passing sweeping gun laws that completely caught The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, by surprise. After expecting nothing to happen this time around, or sensible gun measures to be “narrow defeated at the last minute” like always, Noah couldn’t believe that New York actually stepped up and did something to curb gun violence. After playing a news clip of the sweeping gun laws that elicited cheers and applause from the audience, The Daily Show host couldn’t contain his disbelief.

“Wow. This is so weird. A mass shooting happened, and then politicians did something. I didn’t even know that that was possible,” Noah said on Tuesday night’s episode. “It’s like I showed up to McDonald’s, and the McFlurry machine is working. I don’t even know how to react to this. Do I clap? Am I supposed to tip? What’s a good tip for passing gun laws, ten percent? I’m sure it’s ten percent.”

After joking that the situation felt like when you’re getting ready to argue with a partner, but they apologize before you can even say anything, Noah added a few suggestions of his own to New York’s new gun laws:

“It’s raising the minimum age on semi-automatic rifles, which seems like common sense to me,” Noah said. “Although, in my opinion, instead of 21, I feel like it should be 21 and four days. Yeah, ’cause I don’t want someone buying a gun on the same night they’re slamming ten shots of Jäger. Just spread it out, you know?”

The Daily Show host also tried to use the new law on banning body armor to get rid of a different type of armor, but mostly for the sake of his eyes.

“New York is also gonna be banning body armor, and that makes sense, right? In fact, this is the first state in the country to do it, which is a great idea,” Noah said. “In fact, they should also ban Under Armour while they’re at it. It’s not about the shootings. I’m just tired of seeing people’s nipples on the train. I get it. You work out.”

(Via The Daily Show on Twitter)