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Draymond Green Did Not Like Getting Asked If His Podcast Was Giving The Celtics Info

Draymond Green has been a central focus throughout the NBA Finals, for better or worse, as the outspoken defensive leader of the Warriors has had two rather dreadful performances in Golden State’s losses in Games 1 and 3, and a sensational outing in their Game 2 win.

Adding to the fact that he always attracts attention with his postgame commentary in a press conference setting, Green dives deeper into each game on his own podcast, The Draymond Green Show. Green has happily touted himself as part of the “New Media,” along with CJ McCollum, JJ Redick, and other current or recently former players who are jumping into the sports media space and offering strong pushback to the takesmiths that dominate the airwaves.

However, as one would expect, Green’s podcast can be a lightning rod for Warriors fans and others when the team is playing poorly, as it’s an easy thing to point to as being a distraction, whether true or not. After fouling out of Game 3 with just two points on the night and the Warriors defense struggling as a whole, Green described his play as “sh*t,” but didn’t take kindly to being asked if the Celtics are able to glean insight into Golden State’s plans from his podcast content.

Green bristles at the question, saying it’s “reaching” to even suggest that and scoffs at the idea him talking about forcing Boston into contested shots is approaching any X’s and O’s talk.

Steve Kerr was asked something similar prior to Green and likewise shrugged it off, joking he doesn’t listen to Green’s podcast and noting it’s just the way it is now.

It’s certainly fascinating to watch play out in real time, as Green is the first player with a podcast to reach the NBA Finals — and maybe more importantly, the first to reach the Finals and have wild swings in his production and effectiveness from game-to-game. If Green was playing great and the Warriors were up, it wouldn’t be a topic, but it’s definitely on the minds of some fans, whether Green wants to engage in it or not.