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‘Stranger Things’ Creators Are Warning Fans That The Season 4 Finale Might Emotionally Wreck People

[This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things season four]

By now, fans have watched an absurd amount of season four, volume one of Stranger Things (over 5 billion minutes, give or take) but this is just the beginning. The rest of the season will drop on July 1st, with two movie-length episodes that will probably leave fans with more questions than answers. As expected, the Duffer Brothers don’t know how fans will react, but they know it will be an emotional rollercoaster.

In an interview with TVLine, Matt Duffer says he’s “stopped trying to predict how people are going to react because you never know.” Despite their reaction, the final episodes are shaping up to be massive. “[Part 2] has a little bit of everything,” he adds. “It’s extremely emotional while also having the most action and spectacle we’ve ever had.”

Matt added that newcomer Joe Quinn, who plays the eclectic Eddie, described the season best. “[Quinn] called it a mad symphony of chaos. I’ll borrow that. That’s what it is, especially the final episode.” The first seven episodes introduced some new characters, including the horrifying Vecna, who can be defeated by Kate Bush.

While there is still one more season for the fans to look forward to, the Duffer brothers say that they have been exploring the lore of the Upside Down, which has been the main mystery since season one. It only goes deeper for the second part of season four! “We’ve been cross-cutting between these different worlds all season,” Ross Duffer explains. “But the cross-cutting just gets really rapid-fire in the finale as we’re bouncing from one world to the next.”

Despite the action-heavy scenes, Matt ensures fans that it won’t be too chaotic. “It’s not wall-to-wall action. That’s what I like about being able to do something long-form. The finale does very much feel like a blockbuster spectacle, but there’s also a lot of time spent dealing with our characters. Hopefully, it’s satisfying for people.” Even if people aren’t satisfied, they will probably still watch it!

As if on cue, Netflix has released a little tease for what’s to come.

(Via TVLine)