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Trevor Noah Is Convinced That Trump Wants The Jan. 6 Hearings ‘To Get The Highest Ratings Of All Time’

Despite what Donald Trump says publicly, Trevor Noah has little doubt that the former president will be glued to his television watching the January 6 hearings. Why?

Ratings, of course.

On Wednesday night, The Daily Show host explained why he’s convinced that the former-president is probably feeling pretty conflicted about the hearings. “Think about it: On the one hand, he doesn’t want anyone to know what he did on January 6th,” Noah explained. “But on the other hand, you know he would love his hearings to get the highest ratings of all time. You know it! He’s going to be out there like, ‘Don’t watch the hearings, folks. The Fake News is saying I overthrew the government — which I didn’t do. But it was the biggest overthrow of all time. But I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it at all. Watch the hearings, you’ll see. You’ll see.’”

While Noah thinks the Democrats are hoping that having the hearings in primetime will get Watergate-like ratings, Noah isn’t so sure. “Those Watergate hearings happened back in the 1970s,” he said. “That was a different time. They only had, what, three channels back then?”

Noah says that if the Dems really want to attract an audience, they’d better plan to make the hearings a hell of a lot more exciting than usual. Fortunately, he has some ideas for how they can make the proceedings appointment television:

“Have a Kiss Cam going for the witnesses. Get Shakira to do a halftime show. Or, you know what, they should just get sex involved. I’m going to say it, yeah. That’s what made the Bill Clinton scandal so big. You’ve gotta give people sex stuff. I don’t know, like, that guy that stole the podium. Did he have sex with it afterwards? Or that guy who dressed in animal skins: That was a sex thing, right? That had to be a sex thing.”

Judge for yourself:

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It’s not the worst idea we’ve ever heard. You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the :55 mark.