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Jack White Opens Up About The White Stripes NFTs: ‘It Didn’t Really Interest Me’

NFTs have become a polarizing force within the entertainment industry. Remember when Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon tried to excite their audience with NFTs and instead made them cringe? Or when Tyler, The Creator asked “What the f*ck is a NFT?

Some fans of The White Stripes were weirded out when the band announced last year that they were selling an NFT collection alongside a collaborative remix of their song “Seven Nation Army” with The Glitch Mob. The collection, done with artist Strangeloop, was described as “6 unique pieces of art, including a one-of-one full song visualizer that comes with a 7-inch vinyl test pressing of the remix.” But Jack White has now expressed his actual feelings about NFTs — he’s not as interested and into them as everyone thinks he is. “I don’t want to come out and say ‘I had nothing to do with this,’ ” he said in an interview with The Atlantic. “It is my band. We allowed it to happen. But it didn’t really interest me. It’s not something we’ll be doing very much of.”

“It gives off a vibe of ‘Well, if people are stupid enough to give me money for this, I’ll take it,’ ” he added.