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Kim Kardashian Has Apparently Effectively Molded Pete Davidson Into A Great Taker Of Photos For Her To Post On Instagram

Not only has Kim Kardashian given her fans many beautiful details about her personal life, like how she is interested in eating poop or performing some ritual on a lock of Marilyn Monroe’s hair, but we also get a glimpse into what it’s like to date her. It seems…hard. But Pete Davidson is up for the challenge!

The former SNL castmember has been frolicking the world with his girlfriend of nearly six months, and this time, Kardashian says he “passed the content taking boyfriend test” after snapping several shots of the duo on a vacation that probably cost more than most people make in a year. The two were kayaking on a picturesque beach, in between snaps of Kardashian creative directing her own vacation photoshoot. Hopefully she is wearing sunscreen from her over-priced, nine-step skincare system.

This is quite the step up from her ex Kanye West, who famously hated being on camera with his wife except for that one time when he did it because he wanted to be like The Incredibles. West has been laying low after calling Davidson one too many names earlier this year. Davidson has been busy post-SNL, with multiple projects in the works. Kardashian on the other hand is gearing up to release her $600 skincare line while eating $2 ice cream. She’s a woman of many talents.