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Enumclaw Announce Their Debut Album ‘Save The Baby’ And Unveil The Warm Single ‘Jimmy Neutron’

Tacoma, WA’s Enumclaw, known for calling themselves the “best band since Oasis,” released one of the best EPs of last year with the breezy Jimbo Demo. Its songs had addictive basslines and an inexplicable, seemingly effortless coolness, not unlike their influence Nirvana. Today, they’ve finally announced their debut full-length Save The Baby, arriving in October. The new single “Jimmy Neutron” is out now, and it’s a sunlit song that retains their candid charm with the deadpan of the casually heartbreaking refrain “I want to fall in love / But I don’t think I can have it / Every time I get close to you / I start to panic.”

“This song is about getting so close to love that you can almost taste it,” frontman Aramis Johnson said in a statement. “All the highs of being in love and how ridiculously unlike yourself it can make you act. All the day dreaming you do about what things could be and how they might go. There’s always a catch though and in this story as soon as you reach out to grab ‘love’ and have it in your hands you drop it.”

Watch the video for “Jimmy Neutron” above. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


1. “Save the Baby”
2. “2002”
3. “Park Lodge”
4. “Blue Iris”
5. “Paranoid”
6. “Somewhere”
7. “Cowboy Bepop”
8. “Can’t Have It”
9. “Jimmy Neutron”
10. “10th and J 2”
11. “Apartment”

Save The Baby is out 10/14 via Luminelle Recordings. Pre-order it here.