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‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Is Reportedly Missing After Leaving A Rehab Center Without Approval

Long-time Jackass member Bam Margera was fired from Jackass Forever after he “essentially broke his contract,” TMZ reported at the time. “We’re told the Jackass family wanted Bam to be part of the movie from the get-go, but were worried things would go left because of his past substance use and erratic behavior.” Since then, the movie’s director, Jeff Tremaine, was granted a restraining order from Margera over alleged death threats. Margera also filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination, which Paramount Pictures claimed was riddled with “outright lies”; the lawsuit was later dropped.

The story took another sad turn on Monday, when TMZ reported that Margera has gone missing from a rehab facility in Florida.

According to a Delray Beach police report, the rehab facility’s manager reported the ‘Jackass’ star missing on Monday. The manager says Bam told him he was unhappy with the place and their services… so he was splitting, which he apparently did.

The report notes Bam told the manager that instead of staying there, he’d be checking himself into a different rehab center in the area… and then left the premises in a black sedan. According to the manager, Bam was there under a court order, and the staff was concerned he seemed to be leaving without authorization.

Margera, who completed a 12-month treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse last month, hasn’t been heard from since he shared a photo on his Instagram page (“MMA fighter, chiropractor and ten years sober Dominick, is my new AA sponsor,” it reads) and posted a selfie with his wife, Nicole Boyd, and Machine Gun Kelly, to his Stories.

(Via TMZ)