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‘The Boys’ Showrunner Is Promising That We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet From ‘Apocalyptic’ Homelander

(Spoilers for Season 3 of The Boys will be found below.)

In Season 3 of The Boys, the baddest Supe of all, Homelander, is badder (and more sadistic) than ever before. The first half of the season sees him force a girl to commit suicide on his birthday, and then he makes The Deep eat his friend, Timothy the Octopus (while he’s still alive, no less). And before all oft his happened, we saw him send an entire plane full of people to their deaths and also pleasure himself all over a city full of unsuspecting civilians.

Well, showrunner Eric Kripke wants everyone to know that Homelander will get worse, much worse, if you can imagine that. While speaking to the WGA (via Comic Book) one should expect Antony Starr’s character to slide even deeper away from sanity’s edge. Yep, it sure sounds like loss after loss (with Stormfront being the latest to “abandon” him) will take its toll, and he might even spark an apocalypse:

“You could track the meta-mythology of the series essentially as the slow unraveling of Homelander. So the writers know–and Antony [Starrr] is a big part of this as well–that, eventually, whenever the series reaches its climax, this guy is going to go full sociopath, and he has to be stopped before some kind of apocalyptic event. That’s what we’re building towards.”

The really good news out of all of this is that Kripke suggests that this will be a multi-season process from here on out, so we’re gonna get much more of The Boys. This is in addition to the animated spinoff, Diabolical, which contains a really relevant Homelander backstory toward the end of its first season. And there will be spinoffs, including a college-themed Supe show, and one never knows if a little Homelander flavor could be found there, too. All we really know is that he’s got almost no one on his side now, especially with Madelyn and Stormfront out of the picture, although it remains to be seen whether his son, Ryan, will stick with Dad. (Poor Ryan never stood a chance, did he?)

The Boys is currently releasing weekly Season 3 episodes on Amazon.

(Via WGA & Comic Book)