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Adam Sandler Credits Tom Hanks For Making The ‘Coolest Night Of My Life’ Become Real

Adam Sandler‘s acting career stretches all the way back to the ’80s (Remember when he was Theo’s friend on The Cosby Show?) but the actor/comedian will never forget his biggest break and the “coolest night” of his life: Appearing in his first episode on Saturday Night Live. While promoting his new Netflix movie, Hustle, Sandler stopped by IMDb where he fielded questions about the early days of his career and revealed how Tom Hanks played a major part in his SNL debut.

“First time I appeared on screen, I think it was Tom Hanks,” Sandler said and received a “Ding!” for getting the answer right. “Yes! I remember gasping for air, that I was so scared, and that I was going to faint. And I remember loving Edie Brickell that night. Man, that was just probably the coolest night of my life with just saying, “It’s official, I’m on Saturday Night Live.” Because I was on air.”

Sandler was also tested on the box office receipts for his classic ’90s comedy as well as the first time he performed one of his songs on SNL. He didn’t exactly nail that last one though. Via IMDb:

Which was the first of your films to reach $100 million at the box office?
Waterboy. [DING] I remember The Wedding Singer for like eighty. And then we were like, we got to get in a hundred, man. That’s be fun. We got the phone call. We had a big opening. We did like forty million and we were like, what? Jumping up and down, cranking songs, laughing, and having a good time. I had a very loose night that night…

What was your first song credit on “SNL”?
The first song, was it the Turkey Song? Thanksgiving Song? [BUZZER] Red hooded sweatshirt? [BUZZER] Jason Priestley was a great guy, great guy on that show. I think all of us sang. I don’t really remember how it goes, though.

Sandler was also asked how many movie credits he shares with Rob Schneider, which is honestly, a tough one. Although, Sandler did offer a pretty believable answer. “I would say two hundred.” (It’s actually 23, but 200 didn’t sound too far off, did it?)

(Via IMDb)