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Elon Musk Called Himself The ‘Techno King’ In A Rambling Twitter Town Hall Meeting That Was Described As ‘Pure Chaos’

Elon Musk spoke to Twitter employees on Thursday for the first time since his $44 billion acquisition was announced in April. It went… remember the scene from There’s Something About Mary where Ben Stiller goes to Cameron Diaz’s house to pick her up for prom, and he ends up getting his you-know-what stuck in his zipper? It went like that.

During the all-hands meeting, Musk appeared “via a crappy cell phone camera feed,” according to the Daily Beast, and “took bizarre tangents, including briefly discussing aliens and noting that he had dubbed himself the ‘techno-king’ of Tesla.” (He’s becoming more like Kendall Roy with each passing day.) A source described the hour-long talk as “pure chaos” and that Musk only answered pre-screened questions.

The meeting opened with a question, delivered by chief marketing officer Leslie Berland, asking Musk why he loved Twitter. “I swear he’s stuttering and babbling,” the employee told the Daily Beast of Musk’s rambling reply. He eventually landed on a more cogent response about the value of self-expression. Musk then railed “on about getting rid of bots,” the person added, “which is so f*cking rich,” considering his proclivity for trolling on the platform.

Musk gallantly vowed to get Twitter up to one billion daily active users (it was at 229 million, as of March), and that he wants the social media platform to contribute to society by helping people “better understand the nature of the universe, as much as it is possible to understand.” He also said he’ll allow some “pretty outrageous tweets.”

But Twitter already does that:


(Via the Daily Beast)