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Lauren Boebert Has Threatened To Sue The PAC That Spread Salacious Allegations About Her (And Took Down Madison Cawthorn)

Earlier this year, a group of anti-MAGA conservatives set out on a single-minded mission: discredit and humiliate Madison Cawthorn so much that he loses his first primary. Suffice it to say, the North Carolina representative won’t see be seeing a second. Now the same PAC has set their sights on another Trumpist lawmaker: Lauren Boebert. But so far their follow-up isn’t going as smoothly.

On Tuesday, the group, now named the American Muckrakers PAC, made some wild allegations about the controversial Colorado representative. One — that she fled the scene of an automobile accident involving her sister-in-law, then tried to cover it up — was confirmed by The Daily Mail. Two more seem more dodgy: that she’s a former escort who’s had multiple abortions. (Ted Cruz was also involved.) Boebert has denied those two claims. But she’s going further than that.

As per Raw Story, Fox News reported that Boebert’s attorney sent a letter to the PAC, vowing to bring “civil defamations” against them over those two claims. Boebert herself tweeted about it, calling the group “left wing political operatives” — which itself is not true given that they’re a conservative group that simply does not like MAGA politicians.

Mind you, American Muckrakers PAC has already made other allegations against Boebert, which she can’t so easily swat away. She’s the subject of a fraud investigation over allegations that she made up an impossibly large amount of car mileage in an attempt to get deductions from her campaign expenses. Surely the PAC has a bit more where that came from.

(Via Raw Story)