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Video Shows The Robotic Spider-Man At Disneyland Malfunctioning And Eating S*it In The Most Spectacular Way Possible

There are a ton of Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) out there. There were three in the last live-action film alone. There were twice as many (albeit some with different names) in the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. There was once, notoriously, a Broadway Spider-Man, with songs by Bono and The Edge. And there’s one at Disneyland — an animatronic iteration that every day performs incredible stunts. Except when he malfunction and eats s*it.

As per The A.V. Club, a Disneyland patron attended the California park’s Avengers Campus section, which since last year has featured a robotic replica of Peter Parker in web-slinging costume, performing an awe-inspiring soar across the sky.

But that day, something went wrong. After Parker could be heard “Here goes something!”, the robotic Spider-Man flung through the air. But halfway through, as the video shows, its limbs locked up, rendering him a mere projectile heading for an unplanned destination. He then crashes right into the wall and out of sight.

The crowd gasps while a robotic voice continues as normal, announcing that the facility Spider-Man just destroyed “is not equipped with airbags.” You can then hear Parker let out a defeated “Okay,” suggesting the landing wasn’t supposed to be perfect, but it wasn’t supposed to be…that.

The video was made public by an Instagrammer listed as Darrenl L., who revealed “the show briefly stopped for a couple of hours but was back up and running later!”, proving you can’t keep Queen’s favorite son down long.

You can watch Spider-Man wipe out in the video above.

(Via The AV Club)