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You Can Now Have Your Own ‘Auditor Of The Month’ Buttplug-Shaped Trophy From ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ In The Form Of A Fancy Candle

Everyone will love this gift. Estranged parents who just don’t get you will love it. Multiverse-hopping omniscient children will love it. Your friendly local tax auditor, especially, will love it. Fans of Everything Everywhere All At Once may have noticed that Deirdre Beaubeirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis) has a…distinctive…award for her intrepid auditing prowess. It almost looks like a flattened egg or a blunted spearhead or something. Probably very useful in battle. And now you can bring one (or 9) home for every version of yourself to enjoy.

The perfect cinephile gag gift of 2022, A24 has released a candle version of the award with the thematically appropriate scent of dryer sheets. It’s made by artisan studio Joya, which also makes A24’s line of genre candles (“documentary” smells like lotus, lavender, vinegar, Chinese coumarin, blackcurrant, brandy, and oakmoss). Strangely, Joya has the Auditor of the Month candle blurred out on their homepage. Can’t put a finger on why.

Made from 100% beeswax and ready to ship in August, the candle comes in a handsome blue ribbon box with googly eyes. It doesn’t say how long it will burn for, but the genre candles last 60 hours, which should be enough to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once 25 times. You can also get your own 2$ googly eye pack and a fun tax season zine made by Daniels, but the Auditor of the Month candle is perfect for sticking into your stocking or wherever.

And if you still haven’t seen the film many think is one of the most original of its era, it’s still playing in some theaters and is also available for streaming purchase.