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Trump Taunted Mike Pence By Calling Him A ‘P*ssy’ On January 6 For Refusing To Help Him Subvert American Democracy, Say Witnesses

Donald Trump thinks Mike Pence is a huge p***y. At least that’s what witnesses say the former president told his vice president on the morning of January 6, presumably after Pence informed his boss that he did not plan to help Trump and co. overturn a completely legitimate election.

As Insider reports, details of the fiery chat were made public during the January 6th select committee’s hearings on Thursday. Ivanka Trump, Donald’s former favorite child, witnessed the interaction, and gave her recounting of what went down during her video recorded testimony. “The conversation was … was pretty heated,” she said, adding that, “It was a different tone than I’d heard him take with the vice president before.”

Julie Radford, Ivanka’s chief of staff, further testified that Jared Kushner’s not-so-better half relayed details of the phone call shortly after it erupted, telling Radford that her pops had just had an “upsetting conversation” with Pence during which he called the VP “the P-word.” (She probably says “H-E double hockey sticks,” too.) Come on, Ivanka—you downplayed your dad bragging about how he likes to grab women by their p***ies, and you can’t even say the word?!

The insults didn’t end there though. Nicholas Luna, an assistant to the president at the time, testified to “hearing the word ‘wimp.’ Either he called him a wimp—I don’t remember if he said, ‘You are a wimp,’ ‘You’ll be a wimp.’ ‘Wimp’ is the word I remember.”

And one Pence will likely never forget.

(Via Insider)