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Draymond Green’s Latest Title Celebration Involves A Celtics ‘It’s All About 18’ Shirt And A Marker

Among Draymond Green’s many talents — basketball player, podcaster, analyst, etc. — provocateur continues to rise the ranks. The four-time All-Star is clearly reveling in and enjoying his fourth title after the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics, 103-90, in Thursday’s Game 6.

In the 15 or so hours since the championship was finalized, Green’s celebration included calling out Kendrick Perkins and mocking a Jaylen Brown tweet from earlier this season. His latest endeavor, however, might be his finest yet. He got his hands on a Celtics shirt headlined by the words “it’s all about 18” screened across the top, with their 17 championship banners placed below and an empty spot for a potential 18th.

In place of that blank space, Green had some fun, given Boston did not win its 18th title this year, with he and the Warriors preventing it.

If you have poor eyesight like myself, Green scribbled “WARRIORS” atop that space and “NOPE!! Maybe in 23” inside the rectangle. This is a man very much basking in the success of he and his teammates — deservedly so, of course.

The Warriors’ core clearly has the uncanny ability to be aware of and remember every single slight against them, so I am quite curious to see what lies ahead. Their list of receipts is extensive. I wonder where they pivot next because this campaign is successfully hitting every direction possible, it seems.