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Wacky Mike Lindell’s Pushing A Conspiracy Theory About Counterfeit MyPillows Aimed To Bring Down His Fight For Freedom

Watching a Pillow Baron’s empire crumble is quite a thing.

MyPillow guy Mike Lindell is still ranting and raving, and he’s so incredibly angry that Walmart will no longer sell his products. That’s gotta be a massive blow when the raving conspiracy theorist already dumped at least $30 million of that pillow money into false claims of voter fraud, all in a misguided attempt to put Trump back in the White House. Already, Lindell complained that Walmart executives are ignoring his calls (can you blame them? yikes), and now, he’s taken to Right Side Broadcasting Network because they’ll still listen to him.

They’ll even put him “on the air,” so to speak. And in that spirit, Lindell is circling the drain with a brand new set of concocted (read: false) claims. According to Lindell, Walmart can’t quit MyPillow that easily, so they’re still selling fake MyPillow products, and this is all happening with the help of China, and it’s apparently all to bring a man down and kill freedom. Yes, this makes no sense, but it’s worth beholding:

“Walmart is still selling MyPillow, even though it’s not me. And they’re trying to disguise it, so the public doesn’t go crazy on Walmart, but you know, they’re lying, everybody! Walmart is lying to you and to everybody else. And the Wall Street Journal called me about an hour ago. He asked me two things. He says, ‘Do you think this is because you’ve been fighting, all the things you’ve been’ — I’m sure he’ll say ‘conspiracy,’ right? — ‘for getting rid of the voting machines and everything?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely.’ And they have huge ties to China. Walmart has 10,000 vendors right out of China. They don’t want American-made stuff on their shelf. They want China!”

Here’s a video clip, courtesy of federal lawyer Ron Filipkowski on Twitter:

Just a few more things: (1) You can’t take the “conspiracy” out of a conspiracy theory by making fun of the word “conspiracy”; (2) Mike Lindell’s energy is unparalleled. He must get one hell of a recharge from his fancy pillows at night.