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‘The Boys’ Spinoff Star Patrick Schwarzenegger Admits That Arnold Was Shocked To See Set Photos: ‘What The F*ck Are You Filming?’

The Boys has been so wildly embraced that Amazon went into warp-speed mode to follow up on that success. The Diabolical animated spinoff filled in some blanks and introduced stand-alone stories, and there’s the promise of Homelander eventually getting apocalyptic in the O.G. series while Kimiko and Frenchie are keeping things sweet in the meantime. Oh, and there’s the high-school-set spinoff coming as well.

Few details are known so far about what characters or Vought International era this show will feature or if there will be any crossover potential. However, one of the show’s stars, Patrick Schwarzenegger (recently seen in HBO’s The Staircase), is dropping hints about exactly how outrageous this show will see. His infamous dad, Arnold, was taken aback at set photos, according to what Patrick told Variety:

“He looked at me and he was like, ‘What the f*ck are you filming?’” Patrick tells me on this week’s episode of the “Just for Variety” podcast. “I was like, ‘It’s this show called ‘The Boys.’ … You have to watch an episode to understand it, or else I can’t articulate what happens in it.”

Oh boy. Arnold once starred in Commando, which showed him slaughtering an entire army without reloading, and he felt shocked at the photos that Patrick proudly showed his father. In other words, yup, this is even more reason to look forward to this spinoff. By the way, Patrick was originally up for the Homelander role in the O.G. series. Obviously, Antony Starr’s crushing his performances, but knowing that Patrick was already in the chute should inspire some confidence, alright.

(Via Variety)