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Harry Styles Enthusiastically Helps A Fan Come Out At His Wembley Stadium Concert

A Harry Styles fan from Italy just had possibly one of the best Pride Month moments of 2022, as Mattia, as they are named, got Styles to help them come out.

In fan-shot footage of the moment from Styles’ show at London’s Wembley Stadium last night (June 19), Styles spots the sign and takes it to hold it up on stage for everybody to see (and loudly cheery at). It reads, “From Ono to Wembley: Help me come out.” Styles then made a bit of a ceremony of it by grabbing a rainbow flag and declaring, “When this flag goes above my head, you are officially out, OK? I think that’s how it works. When this sign goes over the head, you’re officially gay, my boy.”

Styles then waved the flay around, at sub-head levels to amp up the crowd, before whipping it over his head. He then tossed the flag and exclaimed, “Congratulations Mattia, you are a free man!”

Styles has apparently become a go-to figure when it comes to helping fans come out, as this isn’t he first time he’s done it. At a Milwaukee show in 2021, a fan asked Styles to help her come out to her mother, who was in attendance but in a different part of the venue. Styles then declared, “Lisa! She’s gay!”