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Ted Cruz Was Brutally Heckled By A Rigthwinger Over Cancún And Befriending Trump After He Insulted His Wife

The Republican Party of Texas convention was supposed to be a joyful affair. Some of the most conservative members of the conservative party were supposed to hang out in one of the nation’s most conservative states and rail against their enemies, the libs. Instead they’ve turned on each other. Dan Crenshaw, who already gets into fights with the extremists in his party, was violently attacked by people farther to the right than even him. They even called him “Eyepatch McCain,” repeating a Tucker Carlson insult that went farther than any joke Pete Davidson told (before apologizing, which Tucker has not).

They even came for Ted Cruz. In a video that went viral, the senator is seen sitting at a table as he absorbs the relentless verbal abuse of a young Republican, who winds up repeating a lot of the criticism he receives from Democrats. As the video begins, he lays into him for cozying up to Donald Trump even after he insulted his wife — a point of attack for which Cruz has never found a sufficient response.

“Remember how Trump made fun of your wife and you went and became best friends with Trump. Why do you do that?” the man asks Cruz. “You go and become best friends with Trump after he makes fun of you and your wife? Why do you do that?”

The heckler had an answer, saying, “It is because you are a coward. I do love America, you don’t.”

The young man also took some far right angles. “You care more about the border between Ukraine and Russia than you do about the border between Texas and Mexico. Why is that?” He then called him a “globalist,” as well as a “coward and a liar.”

The heckler was escorted away, but he ended on a high note: He brought up Cruz’s trip to Cancún while his constituents froze during a freak winter storm.

“You know that and I know that, that’s why you are afraid to stand up. When people were freezing and dying you were in Mexico, do you remember that?” he thundered. “Remember when you had the all-inclusive buffet while people were freezing. Do you remember that Ted? When everyone was freezing and people were dying.”

Cruz no doubt did not enjoy having some of his bigger blunders brought up during what was supposed to be a GOP bubble. Recently he’s been far more worked up about “lesbian toys” for Disney’s Lightyear, not to mention grossing people out by talking about Girls Gone Wild.