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Dr. Oz Got Straight-Up Called Out By A Fox News Host About An Embarrassing Poll In His Senate Race

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz is somehow a Pennsylvania Senate candidate despite not knowing the name of the town where he lives, all while he’s pretending to be Pennsylvania resident. Still, Trump is pushing his guy after telling him to prematurely declare victory in the primary. Well, Oz got his numbers there (after a recount and a concession), but things aren’t going so great for the former TV doctor in the general race, where Oz is up against the (literally) towering Democratic progressive candidate John Fetterman.

Oz, however, seems to think he’s got this all in the bag, and Fox News host Bill Hemmer was keen to tell him that, nope, that’s not the case. In the above video, Oz bragged about himself, and Hemmer pointed out, “But that poll suggests you’re trailing significantly.” Hemmer was referring to Business Insider’s reporting upon a poll that had Oz trailing Fetterman by nine points, but boy, Oz isn’t reading that room, nor is it obvious to him that Fetterman’s still leading despite not campaigning much due to his stroke recovery. Here’s what led up to that moment, via Raw Story:

“John Fetterman is not campaigning,” Hemmer said. “That must be an enormous advantage for you, at least in the early stage. Seems pretty obvious. So if that’s the case, not to win a race like this would be a shocker.”

“I think I should be favored,” Oz replied. “I think I probably am.”

Pretty dang awkward stuff. And it’ll be even more awkward for Oz if Fetterman wins and then happens to light up a joint during his victory speech while waving a Pride flag to really send a message to the GOP. Hey, it could happen!

(Via Raw Story)