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Andrew Giuliani’s Opponent Reminded Everyone About Chris Farley’s Hilariously Unflattering Portrayal Of Him On SNL In The ‘90s

Despite all his whining about being “discriminated” against because he’s not vaccinated, Andrew Giuliani was an equal part of Tuesday’s New York Republican gubernatorial debate—just as he has been included in the many events that preceded it. If it seems like Rudy Giuliani’s adult son often acts like a spoiled child, Lee Zeldin, Andrew’s opponent in the race for governor, took a moment to remind everyone that SNL pointed that out nearly 20 years ago.

As Raw Story reports, things got a little heated between Zeldin and Giuliani the Younger during Tuesday night’s debate. After Zeldin claimed that his first act as governor would be to remove Alvin Bragg, the newly elected Manhattan DA whose lack of interest in filing criminal charges against Donald Trump created some minor chaos, Giuliani shot back that “You were with Trump before you were against him.” Zeldin had some pretty stellar zingers ready for Giuliani, who was beamed in via satellite because of his vaccination status.

In addition to describing Giuliani as a “Chick-Fil-A runner at the White House” who was “outranked by the Easter Egg Bunny,” Zeldin noted that his opponent’s “claim to fame was that Chris Farley made fun of him on Saturday Night Live for being an obnoxious kid, who [ended] up becoming more obnoxious and getting kicked off the Duke golf team.” Harsh but fair.

If you’ve never seen the actual footage of Andrew during his father’s 1994 inauguration, it’s worth your time.

(Here’s Farley’s interpretation of those events.)

Andrew Giuliani did work for Trump, though his official titles were “special assistant” and “associate director of the Office of Public Liaison”—whatever those mean. As Raw Story reports, his gubernatorial campaign has been marked by a series of embarrassments, including the time the 36-year-old told Fox News that he has spent “parts of five decades in politics” or when he talked about checking out his baby daughter’s vagina in the midst of an anti-trans tirade. Even outside of his political aspirations, Giuliani’s life seems like something straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon. In January, he attempted to break up a fight on the streets of New York and was hit in the head with a flower pot.

(Via Raw Story)