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Even Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Thinks The Jan. 6 Hearings Make Trump Look ‘Awful, Just Awful’

There hasn’t been a ton of pushback from Trumpists against the Jan. 6 committee hearings, at least not beyond some vague denunciations. There’s so much damning — and even embarrassing — evidence that there’s not much concrete for them to say. The main plan seems to be to ignore it, which is what Fox News mostly did at first. But after the fourth hearing on Tuesday, even the right-leaning network had to admit it really doesn’t make their once-favorite president look good.

Host Neil Cavuto brought on lawyer Thomas Dupree, who served in the Department of Justice under President George W. Bush, and proceeded to pick his brain after hours of hearing about Trump and cronies trying to bully state legislators into overturning the results without evidence, as well as demonizing election workers and all but ruining their lives in the process.

“Tom, you’re a lawyer and a great one,” Cavuto said. “And I’m not, but this just seems to make Donald Trump look awful, just awful.”

Dupree seemed to agree. “It seems to be a real theme that the committee members are trying to bring out in their statements and their questioning to show that the former president wasn’t just a bystander or that people that work for him were trying to do this, but that the president was a central player in all of this,” he replied.

Cavuto then asked a very good question: “If you knowingly make statements you know aren’t true and they’re proven untrue and yet you still make the statements – maybe because you’re totally and personally convinced you’re on the right and they’re on the wrong – at what point does that cross a constitutional line and maybe a legal one?”

“It can cross a legal line if you’re making those false statements in conjunction with the certification of an election or you’re trying to corrupt the count or things of that nature,” Dupree replied. He added that if it can be shown that Trump “believed or knew or understood that his claims didn’t have merit and yet, went ahead with this,” then he’s in real trouble.

So maybe it’s time for Trump to really start worrying. His inner circle reportedly is already.

(Via Mediaite)