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Oscar Isaac Wanted To Drop The MCU’s First F-Bomb, But James Gunn May Have Beaten Him To It

Oscar Isaac tried to drop the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first “f*ck” in Moon Knight (working with Taxi Driver and Raging Bull writer Paul Schrader will do that), but his efforts were thwarted by the Powers That Be. So… Disney. But if there’s any consolation, it’s this: Isaac’s “f*ck” might not have actually been the MCU’s first “f*ck.”

Screen Rant reports that “That UFO Podcast host Dan Zetterström took to Twitter to share an MCU Skrull translator,” which he claims reveals an f-bomb in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If you look closely in the background of the scene where Star-Lord tells Groot to clean his room, there’s text on the wall. It apparently reads, “F*ck you,” which is perfect for angsty teen Groot. His Awesome Mix is mostly Bad Religion and NOFX.

“Here’s the translator for you. Most shows up in GOTG2. Judging by the graffiti in his room, Groot has a foul mouth. Have fun!” Zetterström tweeted, along with a screenshot of his evidence. The tweet caught the attention of Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn, who replied, “Adolescent Groot definitely has a potty mouth.” It’s not a confirmation of the MCU’s first “f*ck,” but it’s also not not confirmation.

Just imagine how many alien language curse words Martin Scorsese would slip into his Marvel movie. Alas.

(Via Screen Rant)