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Marjorie Taylor Greene Posted A Strange Video Inside The Capitol Building Tunnels, And People Are Wondering What It Means

Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s actions never make much sense. With the January 6 hearings putting the insurrectionist attacks back in the headlines, the last thing Greene should want is to shine a spotlight on her suspicious actions before and during the attack. So, of course, she did the exact opposite of that by posting a weird video of herself walking through the tunnels of the U.S. Capitol building.

As for the meaning of the odd, six second clip, your guess is as good as ours. However, people on Twitter have been having a field day parsing through its cryptic meaning, which has reopened speculation into what role Greene may have planned during Trump’s insurrection. Again, that’s exactly the type of heat Greene doesn’t need right now, but brains have never been her strong suit.

One user noted the connection between Greene’s tour of the Capitol building prior to the January 6 attack.

While another user was more pointed and wrote, “More prep?”

Another delved into some extremely wishful thinking by suggesting “Maybe she’s leaving.”

And then there was one user who, we gotta be honest, is probably right on the money with this theory: “She just wants to show off that badonkadonk.”

Of course, peppered throughout were numerous dunks that are still pouring in. You can check out just a small taste of the Greene disses below:

(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)