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Rudy Giuliani Accused Poll Workers Of Passing Around A USB Stick Of Fake Votes, But It Was Actually Just A Mint

Rudy Giuliani used to be called “America’s Mayor.” Today he’s the Inspector Clouseau of politics. As the Jan. 6 committee hearings continue, even more of his accident-prone tomfoolery than already known is being made public. On the fourth day of hearings, Arizona’s house speaker revealed he and his colleagues found Giuliani’s attempts to overturn democracy so incompetent that they laughed at him.

Meanwhile, two election workers, whose lives Giuliani helped overturn, testified about an absurd mistake he made while accusing them of voter fraud. According to The Daily Beast, the former president’s then-attorney accused them of passing a USB stick, which he claimed contained fake votes. It did not contain fake votes. And one reason it didn’t is it wasn’t a USB stick. It was a ginger mint.

It’s an absurd story about a tragedy. After the two women were falsely accused of voter fraud by Giuliani and Donald Trump, they received death threats and even had a mob show up at their homes, attempting to make a citizens’ arrest. They described how it upended their lives, and “all because of lies.” She added,“Do you know how it feels to have the President of the United States target you?”

The next Jan. 6 hearing is on Thursday, and Rep. Bennie Thompson said it will focus on Trumps “attempt to corrupt the country’s top law-enforcement body, the Justice Department, to support his attempt to overturn the election.”

(Via The Daily Beast)