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When Quizzed About Vladimir Putin’s Health, A Kremlin Spokesperson Literally Chuckled

Vladimir Putin’s reportedly stuffed full of Botox (his supply-chain problems are apparently solved) to the point where he looks embalmed, and rumors of his ill health are one reason why U.S. intelligence officials stumbled onto a report that said his “rule is no longer absolute.” And for months (particularly following Russia’s ill-advised Ukraine invasion), speculation won’t stop regarding Putin’s demeanor during news clips and how that could all reflect upon whether he should be, you know, trusted to wage war.

Well, a Kremlin spokesperson wants everyone to chill. Diplomat Dmitry Peskov spoke to NBC News (via Page Six), and in response to questions about Putin “limping, shaking and gripping a table,” here’s what Peskov said with a chuckle:

“What I suggest is that you watch his performance,” he said, insisting Putin spoke and answered questions for more than three hours on Friday. Peskov even chuckled as he insisted, “Yesterday in the afternoon, actually, he played hockey.”

Putin has for months been plagued by rampant rumors that he suffers from cancer, Parkinson’s disease or early-stage dementia. His love for hockey even played a part in raising speculation after he skipped an annual game in May as he was seen with a blotchy face.

Sky News has a video clip of Peskov’s quotes, and it sure looks like he’s not concerned about his boss, at least right now. Then again, Putin’s propaganda machine runs so fast and furious that they might send him out on a shirtless fishing trip this weekend, just for show. Something to look forward to, no doubt.

(Via NBC News, NY Post & Sky News)